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Driver Express is known for its state-of-the-art technology for use in automobile, outdoor, marine, aviation and sports activities.

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We are here to address all your GARMIN related concerns. We use our expertise to provide solutions for all GARMIN devices such as In-Dash GARMIN systems, Portable GARMIN Systems, Smartphone GARMIN Systems. We also help you resolve any technical issue, be it Software or Hardware related. We ensure quick and convenient solution to all your GARMIN issues. We provide the best quality services combined with the highest of standards.

A few issues where we excel –

  • General errors
  • Connection Failure
  • Installation issues
  • Update issues
  • Turn on failure
  • Blank Screen issues
  • GARMIN Shutdown issues
  • Battery issues
  • GARMIN elevation issues
  • GARMIN sync issues

We help you in installing the GARMIN software in all types of GARMIN devices such as Dash GARMIN systems, Portable GARMIN Systems, Smartphone GARMIN Systems etc. We make sure your device connects to GARMIN according to your device specifications.

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Our Garmin Services

Automotive GARMIN Services

Improved screen brightness and screen size, FM transmitter and the 660 added Bluetooth, all equipped in one small size.

Golf Course Updates Services

You can easily view the latest free CourseView maps and updates for your Driver golf gadget.

Chart Updates Services

Download the newest chart versions to a memory card and have a safer and more pleasant experience on the water.

Map Updates Services

Enjoy fast and easy navigation with up-to-date and accurately labeled street maps. We will notify you of all the updates and assist you in installing them.

Avionics Services

Driver has dedicated a separate unit for aviation objects, such as radar, transponders, multi-function displays (MFD), panel mount displays, integrated cockpits and other avionics related products.

Software Updates Services

Installing software updates is easy with us. We will notify you when updates are available.

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